torsdag den 8. december 2011


the week has been pretty lame, since me and my partner have been at the school all week repairing their workbenches. not major fixes just small stuff.. None of the teachers or administrators at the school have any clue about anything so everytime we need something it takes hours. So everything is made in super slow motion.. although today we made a great leap forward.
I hope we can finish this shit up tomorrow so we dont have to go back monday -.-
but this weekend we get a new flatmate so thats pretty cool...  still havent figured out if ill go home to the parents friday or not..   Small problems fill my head :P

søndag den 4. december 2011

Another week begins..

The weekend is over and soon ill have to go to bed and start all over again -.-
The only good thing about this weekend is that it felt twice as long because i didnt do jack shit the whole time. Friday i didnt do nothing but watching movies with my flatmate and playing minecraft which is okay..   but the whole day?
So my and flatmate went to bed at... 4 or 5am.  What a crazy night Wooh!      sigh...

Saturday pretty much looked the same except that in the evening i got a ride with my uncle and aunt home to my parents to dine.. wich was LOVELY! since otherwise i would just have eaten some bread with crap on it. woh -.-
Moms sure can cook <3

sunday was a veeeery booring day.. oh my fucking god..   so boring.. and tomorrow ill have to go to the Metal school and help a teacher make something.. it'll be interresting ^^"

fredag den 2. december 2011

Just sitting in my room with my flatmate and doing nothing..  watching Batman begins and just finished playing a round of skyrim..  but i was to tired to be able to focus on it. So ive decided to play some minecraft and just relax with some Cider and go to bed when my body cant see straight anymore ^^
Just added a photo i took a while back of a co-worker cutting trough some iron with a torch ^^ Pretty Ey?

torsdag den 1. december 2011

My first post

Well.. this is my first post..  not quite sure how to start this whole thing..   something ive been wanting to do for a long time.
I quess ill start by writing about and showing the new project i began a few days ago.

This is my latest project.. its a furniture for having a tv ontop and different stuff on shelfs and a boks kinda thing for storing blankets and other fluffy stuff. Its just a rough sketch so dont bash me to hard :P

If any American are reading this im sorry to confuse you, because it's all in milimeter :P
So far ive created the bottom frame for both the boks to the right and the rest to the left.
I had to devide the furniture into two pieces since i live on the 3rd floor and i wont take the risk that it cant fit in the hallway ^^
Ive ordered 12m of  25x25x3 mm   angel iron for the top frame and it should come either friday or at the beginning of next week.

Since this is my first post i think ill upload some stuff of the other furniture ive made..
The first Tv-table ive made is this beauty.

At the left there is room for a Ps3 and at the top right there is room for my Digital reciever ( apologies for not having a picture of the table with the wood for the middle shelf)

The second one i made, i made because i was sick and tired of looking at my old glass table..   the glass part was fine enough.. but the iron frame under it was ugly as shit. so i decided to make a new one, which i did.
This is the table as seen from the side. the whole frame is welded together and holes made for the wood on
the middle shelve to be screwed in.

Next i paintet the whole frame black

And then i cut the wood and made it nice and smooth with some sand paper  and then i gave it a coating of ordinary wood protection oil, which gave it a nice brown old look <3

And VOILA! after adding a few felt dods to protect the glass from the iron table it all looked amazing.
I love my new table and the best thing about it that it only cost me 40-, Dkk ( 7$ ) to make (for the wood)