søndag den 4. december 2011

Another week begins..

The weekend is over and soon ill have to go to bed and start all over again -.-
The only good thing about this weekend is that it felt twice as long because i didnt do jack shit the whole time. Friday i didnt do nothing but watching movies with my flatmate and playing minecraft which is okay..   but the whole day?
So my and flatmate went to bed at... 4 or 5am.  What a crazy night Wooh!      sigh...

Saturday pretty much looked the same except that in the evening i got a ride with my uncle and aunt home to my parents to dine.. wich was LOVELY! since otherwise i would just have eaten some bread with crap on it. woh -.-
Moms sure can cook <3

sunday was a veeeery booring day.. oh my fucking god..   so boring.. and tomorrow ill have to go to the Metal school and help a teacher make something.. it'll be interresting ^^"

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